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What You Need To Know About Medical Marijuana
Medical marijuana has gained a lot of popularity over the recent years. Professionals keep researching in order to provide users with new information. Many cancer patients have found marijuana to be effective in relieving some of the symptoms. However, it is also used for different conditions such as endometriosis. Below is all you need to know about medical marijuana.
There are two strains of marijuana that exist; cannabis indica and cannabis sativa. For conditions where one experiences insomnia, chronic pain and nausea, cannabis indica strain is the best. If you want a euphoric or uplifting effect cannabis sativa cannabis sativa is ideal. However, for people with anxiety and depression, it is not recommended because when energy levels are high one tends to be more alert. It is usually advisable for daytime use. Also, there are strains that are a hybrid of indica and sativa. It means that you will get unique benefits from the two strains. You get to benefit from the two you will experience the advantages of the two strains.
It is essential for you to have in mind that there is not plenty of research on medical marijuana. Regardless of it being effective with certain conditions, it has not yet been clear the effects are to what extent. Theories state that the symptoms of depression and anxiety have reduced but there has not been enough research. There is still a lot of misinformation around marijuana that is why doctors are hesitant when recommending it. Some countries have legalized medical marijuana like Canada. Most doctors are usually concerned about the effects of inhaling the smoke which can cause lung damage. However, you can consume cannabis in a lot of different ways in order to achieve the desired effect.
Medicinal cannabis has a lot of benefits. It reduces the symptoms of undergoing chemotherapy. Majority of patients who suffer from cancer use it to sleep better, control pain and improve appetite. It also reduces vomiting that comes because of chemotherapy. It is also used to treat patients who suffer from epilepsy.
Marijuana use has been found to reduce the seriousness of seizures. Also, patients with inflammatory diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, IBS and Crohn’s disease have found it to be effective. Decreased inflammation means you have an improved overall health. Also, medical marijuana is used in treatment of mental and cognitive disorders. People who suffer from PTSD, depression and anxiety are more relaxed after using cannabis.
Marijuana comes in different forms like ointments, oils, pills and edibles. It means you choose a method that you are most comfortable with. It is important to note that medical marijuana you know is not suitable for every user. Identify a reputable source to make your purchase from that has a good history of selling high quality products.